Incisional / Excisional Biopsy

At Luxe Smiles Dental Center, it is important for us to make our patients feel secure within our hands.
Patients sometimes go to the clinic for a consult of a questionable lesion in their oral cavity. For some parts of the mouth of doubtful appearance, Dr. Tingson and Dr. Panganiban will assess all the diagnostics available before proceeding with any steps. Sometimes for confirmatory purposes, there is a need to do biopsies.
Biopsies are either incisional or excisional. Incisional biopsies are done to examine a portion of the questionable lesion. This is done if the lesion is too big to take out as a whole or if taking it out will not make any future complications.
Excisional Biopsy is done if the lesion is small and taking it out is also curative for its type. The lesion is taken out as a whole and a small part of it before it is sent for oral pathologists for analysis.


Author: Dr. Keneshia Tingson