Orthodontics or commonly known as ”braces” is one of the treatment for options for maligned or crooked teeth and improper bites. At Luxe smiles, before starting any orthodontic procedures, we take necessary diagnostic procedures to fully analyze first before commencing into the treatment.


Depending on the case, the dentists will propose a treatment plan based on the need of the patient. This is composed of 3 components:


  1. Pre-orthodontics

Focuses on making sure all the teeth are sound as well as the periodontal health. This is when carious teeth are restored and gum treatments are done to restore the health of the periodontium. Teeth that are required for extraction in order to gain space are also extracted.

  1. Orthodontic Phase

This is the phase where gradual tooth movement are done. This is the orthodontic treatment proper wherein the dentists carefully plan the sequence of wires, bends, elastic anchorage, springs and coils needed to achieve the desired movement. Extra appliances may also be needed for maximum effect.

Orthodontic adjustments are usually recommended every 3-4 weeks. This is done to make sure that the elastics have maximum effect on the dentition. This is also the time the dentists check the rate and direction of tooth movement.

III. Post-orthodontic

This phase is the stabilization phase when the patients that already finished orthodontic treatment are made to wear retainers. This is to prevent relapse so patient compliance is important.

Prosthodontic treatment focuses on replacement of missing teeth after orthodontic alignment. If some spaces are ideally restored rather than closed, this is the phase wherein it is done. Various plans are proposed by the dentist such as implants, fixed bridges or removable partial dentures.